Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh. Em. Gee.

Whilst I appreciate my blog claims to have a financial focus and having not posted in quite some time, it would probably be fitting to cover: the potential for a Greek bail-out (overdone), constant downgrades (depressing and inevitable) or the ever-increasing wealth of the East (China's rich, we're not - pretty sure that covers it). However, having destroyed my brain over the weekend and discovered this magnificent story on Friday, in my mind this was the only choice for a good post...

Soul Calibur V.

I've never claimed to be the 'trendy' type (I wear Raybans in the hope that one day the cool kids of Shoreditch will want to play with me). Although, I've also never broadcast about the depths of geekyness I'll go to (I have an entire day in February dedicated to watching every Harry Potter movie. That's right. I've even pencilled it in). However, even the coolest, double-denim clad Shoreditcher, couldn't help but think this is brilliant.

Apparently, some Japanese gamer has used the custom character feature of Soul Calibur V to create Steve Jobs as an avatar.

Some may claim this is bad taste. I, however, can't think of a better way to be paid testament to. The man has an apple as his weapon of choice for God's sake.

Now, so far as I can see, there's only one thing left to do - create an avatar of Bill Gates and kick the shit out of it.