Monday, October 31, 2011

If ever a poster were needed more....

I feel a bit of sympathy is needed for Mario Draghi. Today he starts as the ECB's newly appointed President. For most of us the first week in a new job will consist of: unrepentant training, endless contract signing and the almost impossible task of remembering everybody's name. Draghi, however, is faced with the following 'to do' list:
  • Day one: must sign contract of employment
  • Day two: need to signal my strategy for getting the Eurozone out of the current economic doozy it's found itself in
  • Day three: remember everyone's name
  • Day four: announce the interest rate decision
  • Day five: hit the pub at lunchtime - it's been a long week...
By anyone's standards that's a bit of a beast of a week. Fingers crossed for some positive news tomorrow and Thursday - it's about time!