Monday, October 31, 2011

If ever a poster were needed more....

I feel a bit of sympathy is needed for Mario Draghi. Today he starts as the ECB's newly appointed President. For most of us the first week in a new job will consist of: unrepentant training, endless contract signing and the almost impossible task of remembering everybody's name. Draghi, however, is faced with the following 'to do' list:
  • Day one: must sign contract of employment
  • Day two: need to signal my strategy for getting the Eurozone out of the current economic doozy it's found itself in
  • Day three: remember everyone's name
  • Day four: announce the interest rate decision
  • Day five: hit the pub at lunchtime - it's been a long week...
By anyone's standards that's a bit of a beast of a week. Fingers crossed for some positive news tomorrow and Thursday - it's about time!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

NAPF Annual Conference & Exhibition

Last week I attended the NAPF Annual Conference & Exhibition and whilst the event itself came across as a huge success, my sheer weight gain was barely legal.

It appears that the fashionable cupcake market hasn't gone unnoticed by the financial industry and although I'm not willing to divulge the total tally consumed by myself - you can rest assured it was enough to drive Jamie Oliver away from his latest American fat camp project, to London to drop kick me onto a cross trainer and in front of a plate of sautéed celery sticks.

This shameful inhaling of sponge doesn't even cover the box of 'family size' Quality Street and tin upon tin of handbag breathe mints!

Not only this, but having not seen daylight in three days, my skin tone can only be described as albino.

Needless to say, other than the lack of vitamin B and personal willpower, the event offered a fantastic opportunity to network, as well as learn more about the implications of auto enrolment on the pensions industry, with impressive speakers (and eyebrows) such as, Alistair Darling and Steve Webb.

Next year will truly be the turning point to see what pension schemes are offering (and still around) to employers to accommodate these reforms.